Data analytics is one of the most important tools a company can use to improve operational efficiency, create growth and gain a competitive edge over its business rivals. It’s currently one of the hottest topics in supply chain management which makes it no surprise that this is something that PipeChain is constantly working with.

As we constantly strive for better understanding and better tools to help our customers, we have begun a collaboration with QBIM, which is an innovative BI company with experience when it comes to visualize data-driven analytics.

As both PipeChain and QBIM are working towards the same customers and industries we will together be able to give our customers a wider and more comprehensive analysis.

-Hans Berggren, CEO PipeChain Group

“We are looking forward to collaborating together with PipeChain and create new data-driven insights”

-Mikael Hyensjö, CEO and founder of QBIM.



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