QBIM signed a three-year partnership agreement with r360 Resort Systems

Qbim has signed a partnership agreement with r360 Resort Systems AB to provide all of their BI and analytics through the Qbim platform Ski Analytics. R360 Resort Systems AB will have merged all their BI offers into Ski Analytics by 2021-12-31. Qbim will also handle the consultancy part of r360 Resort Systems AB regarding BI and analytics.

Skianalytics.se is a SaaS-platform that is focused on delivering analytic applications for ski resorts in Europe. Ski Analytics collect, transform and store data from various source systems and deliver analytic applications for the ski resorts to be able to analyse their data. Ski Analytics has an existing customer base of a number of ski resorts in the Nordics.

Louise Svanqvist, CEO of QBIM commented on the partnership “’We are very excited to have r360 strengthen our offers in Ski Analytics. With our excellence in delivering analytic applications to ski resorts, we are certain that we together with r360 will be able to provide additional value to our customers.”

Ludvig Granberg, CEO of r360 Resort Systems AB stated “Having QBIM as our BI and analytics partner is a natural step for us to be able to focus on our core business: Deliver the best booking system in Europe. Our customers will benefit from our partnership with better offers, analytic capabilities and a whole team of developers that is focused on their business analytics.”



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